All Good Energy Healing Activation

Adele teaches the process of All Good Energy Healing™ which includes an individual All Good Energy Healing Activation. This process can be taught in person or remotely with instructions to learn and practice this amazing process.

To become a practitioner of All Good Energy Healing, Adele will Activate your hands and teach you the process of this work so you can use your personal energy to facilitate inner body healing and removal or lessening of pain in this fun, no-touch, simple manner.

It is required for you to have had at least one session of All Good Energy Healing before being Activated.

The investment for the All Good Energy Healing™ Activation in a group is $333, if taught individually is $555. Both include a Personal Healing Activation and instructions on how to use this process to heal yourself, friends, family, animals or even use as a business model.

Contact Adele to discuss this and see when the next group session is being held.

To set up Your Activation or a Private Energy Healing Session email

You will be activated and learn how to effectively use All Good Energy Healing™ to help yourself and others or you may request and will receive a full refund at the end of the session.