24 Hour John of God Blessing

I have been doing these 24 Hour Blessings since 2015 with HUGE SUCCESS for those who play full out and take the guidelines seriously.

All Good 24 Hour Remote Blessing OVERVIEW:

This process is a personalized submission of your details for a 24 hour remote healing session, blessed by the amazing Entities (Angels) who support the work at John of God thru the Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola.

This Blessing is set up for 24 hours – 

You will submit via email the completed All Good 24 Hour Blessing Submission form which includes your photo for prayers. This form will include at least three requests to create a positive outcome of what you would like to change in your life.  This can be ANYTHING you desire, I suggest at least one of them is around your health and the others can be for financial abundance, to meet your soul mate, change your environment, regarding travel, relationships, business, happiness, or anything else you would like to change in your life.

Your 24 Hour Blessing will begin at a mutually agreed time and be completed the next day, depending on your time zone.

John of God (João Teixeira de Faria) is acknowledged to be one of the most powerful trance medium spiritual healers in the world. He serves as a channel for over 30 light-spirit entities who heal people who come to the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola in Abadiânia, Brazil.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week, he sees 1,500 to 3,000 or more people daily, who travel from all over the world seeking healing from incurable diseases and guidance in all areas of their lives. He often says he does not heal anyone, this is God’s work.

I discovered from my experience of working at the Casa for over a year, this 24 Hour Remote Blessing is almost as good as being with John of God in person.

Your 24 hour process is to be spent doing NOTHING except resting and enjoying your own presence.

At the start of your 24 Hour Blessing, you will need to commit to abstain for 7 days from:


•spicy hot food (including black pepper)

•exercise, other than walking and light activities

•sun bathing or prolonged time in the sun

•sexual energy (This basically means no sex or rise in sexual energy)

Those who travel to Abadiania are told no sex or rise in sexual energy for 40 days after their first spiritual healing and to abstain for 8 days after each future healings. For these remote sessions, my guides have encouraged me to have you commit to abstinence for 7 full days, until after your week of healing and White Night.

The 7th night after your 24 Hour Blessing is your White Night. This evening you will place a glass of water by your bed, say prayers of gratitude as you go to sleep and when you wake, then drink the glass of water upon rising. This process ends the week after your 24 hour session as if stitches were being removed from surgery. (If your 24 Hour Blessing is on a Thursday, your White Night is on the following Wednesday.)  I suggest you put this date on your calendar so you remember.

This All Good 24 Hour Blessing process includes:

•Confirmation of your understanding of the commitment – 24 hours of you doing NOTHING!  Just being with you.  No computer, email, Facebook, reading, writing, playing games, music or talking. Turn off EVERYTHING and let your body heal.  Just loving yourself enough to allow the miraculous healings you will be receiving.

•My time and effort to put it all together, including coaching before your session to confirm the best healing possible.

◦ I will be at the Casa at our agreed time to connect with and get the Entities blessings

◦Expectation of you to email me a recap of your process after the 24 hours, which I will go over with you via email

•Optional – Your submission to me of a testimonial – video or written – on Linked In or email

You may, during your 24 hours, spend time alone in your yard lounging in nature if in the shade, take a bath or shower, and eat whatever you desire,  other than spicy foods or alcohol.  You will most likely want light foods such as fruit, soup, salad, or pudding. Enjoy relaxing yet most of the time should be spent with your eyes closed sleeping.  You will want to rest as if you had a physical operation and were sent to bed to heal your incision.  Most people say they are shocked to be so sleepy and do sleep most of the 24 hours.  If you ignore this suggestion, you will FEEL as if you have ignored the surgeon and pulled your incisions. I actually had this experience myself after lingering too long in the kitchen after a spiritual intervention and I felt as if I had pulled stitches in my abdomen.  Not painful, just a bit of cramping to remind me to get back to bed. (I had two c-sections, so figure the Entities had repaired years of scar tissue along with other things they thought would be beneficial to my YOUTHING process)

Part of this healing is to be aware of what challenges you:

•the lack of something to distract you

•annoyance at not being able to connect to anyone

•anger at me for suggesting you do this

•bliss at spending time with YOU, YOURSELF and YOU!

•frustration of nothing else to focus on

•feeling you are wasting time

•dreams that surprise you

•physical sensations in your body – most will be from past or current conditions

•surprise that you can be this connected from so far away

•happiness to accept how special YOU are



Your Requests:

•3 or more (less than 10) statements or requests with intended outcomes.

•These can be regarding health, finances, happiness, relationships, wishes or dreams, yet need to be for YOU – not someone else.  Take some time to think about what you really want for yourself and ask  for a positive outcome.  Be sure to put feeling and uplifting energy into this, stating in a positive manner using “I AM” statements.

You can ask for something or make a statement you want in your life – I actually suggest you write down a paragraph of how you want that part of your life to look – for example:  Your health – write about how limber and flexible your body is, how healthy all of your cells are, how wonderful you feel as you jump out of bed, how lovely it feels to stretch up and down, all stated in a positive way… then title that section.  For privacy, you may just use the title or request, keeping the details for yourself or include it all if you prefer. Title could be “Loving my Radiantly Healthy Body” or whatever works for you.  The healing actually begins when you start the paragraph of positive feelings.

Consider phrases such as:

•I desire my organs to be pink, healthy and functioning perfectly

•Please heal my ______, restoring me to optimal health

•I am loving my 20/20 eyesight, so fun to have perfect vision (you must commit to NO reading, computer, TV or writing for the following 7 days – and wear sunglasses when outside, so only request this if you can adjust your life to make that work)

•I am so blessed to be fully connected to my higher self and hearing such clear messages

•Please send a miracle to clear up my finances and create abundance in my life.

•Will you please help me find someone to do my taxes, clean my garage, organize my office or whatever will brighten your life.

•Please help my travels to _______  be easy and effortless, with seats in the front of the plane, wonderful passengers and attendants, calm weather.

•This can be anything as long as it is for YOU!

White Night – 7th night after your Intervention.

 If your 24 Hour Blessing was on Wednesday, the 7th night is the following Tuesday night.  That night, wear all white or light colors, put a glass of water by your bed, say a prayer of gratitude and go to bed early.   When you awaken say another prayer of gratitude and drink the blessed water. Your procedure is now complete, although you may continue to heal over the next 40 days and up to a year.  Think of it as having the stitches removed during the White Night, your procedure is complete yet you would still take it easy a bit longer.

Below is a response from one of the 24 Hour Remote Blessings I did with a blind friend in the US.  Here are her general requests and first email recap to me after her 24 hour session:


1. I ask for healing for my endocrine/immune system (thyroid)

2. Blessing of abundance in my business

3. Clarity of Vision

Wow! Do I ever feel rested! Was surprised at how much I was able to sleep yesterday, although I did spend more “awake time” as the day/evening progressed. During the main part of the intervention, I noticed heat//warmth around my throat/thyroid area—a lot of heat being transmitted there. Throughout the day, I could feel pressure—as if energy were going into/coming from the top of my head. Also felt a great deal of energy from the soles of my feet and my palms. 

Was surprised at the intensity of my dreams, and the fact that each time I slept, I was dreaming. Was also surprised (despite the fact that you mentioned it) at how little of an appetite I had. 

Was interesting to see my dog, Wella, who was velcroed to my side until evening, when she began socializing a bit with my husband and son, but always returning to check on me.

Also, I noticed light in the “3rd eye” region—from time-to-time during the day yesterday, as well as a couple of times today. Still feel the “head energy” sensation—like my aura is huge, and still notice a warm sensation from time-to-time around my thyroid.

There, you have it. Not sure what more to say. Thank you so much for petitioning on my behalf.

Blessings…and talk soon.   Donna

The fee for this 24 Hour Blessing which includes support from Adele is $111. For more details regarding this process, questions and to set up your 24 Hour Blessing at Adele@AdeleGood.com

You can pay via PayPal to Adele@AdeleGood.com. Or you may mail a check to my US address  – Adele Good, 3824 Cedar Springs Road, #743, Dallas, TX 75219. If you choose this option, please email me the date the check was sent, check number and amount.  If you are unable to pay this amount, please contact Adele to discuss other options… if you are called to do this, money is not a reason to prevent your healing.

Submission Deadline:

Return the All Good 24 Hour Remote Blessing Submission form at least 2 days BEFORE your remote blessing date.

 Please send an email to Adele@AdeleGood.com to request a Submission Form and return it to me at least 2 days before your Blessing so I can go over it and have time for you to enhance it if necessary.

Email Adele@AdeleGood.com for more information.