Your John of God Casa Guide

Adele at the Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola in November 2015.

In July 2015, Adele first visited John of God at the Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola, out of curiosity after hearing about the healing miracles which occurred there on a daily basis. Within her first week in Abadiania, she immediately knew she was to become a Casa Guide to help others on their journey to Radiant Health. John of God personally blessed her work and she stayed in Brazil over a year, guiding people from all over the world. She left for awhile to explore South Africa and Asia, then retuned to Abadiania in 2017 to continue guiding clients to receive the best possible outcome from their time with John of God.

Adele with John of God in April 2016.

Adele puts together personal packages for her clients – two or three week healing journeys. These include healing time with John of God as well as her coaching which begins before they leave home to assure they receive the most out of their time here in Abadiania. Adele works with those who desire to meet John of God from helping arrange their visas and flights, to booking their English speaking driver from the airport and making pousada arrangements where English is spoken. Once in Abadiania, Adele orients her clients to the complicated protocol of the Casa and guides them through each phase. She makes sure her clients understand what is happening, as most information is in Portuguese, which can complicate things. Adele limits her clients to less than 5, so each one gets plenty of individual attention.

Adele with American & Canadian clients in August 2016.

Adele’s clients have a huge healing success rate, including one client from California who had Hepatitis C for 41 years and upon tests when she returned home, her blood was totally normal!  Another with 2 spots of Melanoma on her brain, was told a few weeks after returning to the US, after her scan that one spot was completely gone and the other had almost disappeared.  The next scan, 5 months after her visit to John of God, showed both were gone!!  Another client, who had suffered from a very rare skin condition for years, causing painful lesions all over her face and body, actually watched them heal and almost disappear within her 3 week journey!

Adele with her massive 60th Birthday cake at the Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola in July 2016.

Adele was blessed to receive special permission to have her 60th birthday party at the Casa and John of God joined the festivities!

John of God at Adele’s 60th Birthday party in July 2016.









For more information, contact Adele, as her favorite pousada is hard to get into, so the sooner arrangements are made, the nicer your accommodations will be!