All Good John of God Casa Journey Details & Itinerary

2 WEEK PACKAGE – 14 Day – 13 Night Casa Journey Package $2,222 per person
** Additional weeks $800 each


  • Round trip airport taxi transport and fare – Brasilia or (Goiania) to Abadiânia. An  English Speaking Driver will meet you at airport with a sign, help you with your luggage and take you to/from your Pousada
  • Pousada reservations and fees, including a private basic room with private bathroom (the earlier reservations are made, the better as there are a huge variety of rooms. The basic rooms tend to be very nice, yet if only deluxe or cottages are available, this can effect the pricing by as much as $250 or more for your visit)
  • 3 meals included each day at your pousada
  • Pre-Journey phone call to help to set clear intentions to maximize your time while visiting the Casa
  • Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola and village protocol and orientation
  • Guided Casa visits
  • Guidance to assist you in attending multiple sessions with John of God
  • Translation assistance for your time at the Casa and with John of God
  • Daily coaching and assistance to support and customize your treatment to optimize your healing experience
  • Generous donation to Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola in your name
  • Guided visits to the Sacred Waterfall
  • 2 Crystal bed sessions and assistance in additional reservations
  • One case of bottled Blessed water (6 x 1.5 liter bottles)
  • Prayers and holding space
  • Tour of Brasilia upon arrival or departure (you will need to arrive in Brasilia by 2 pm or fly out after 2 pm to have time for this.)
  • Optional Sessions of Scripting, Visualization, Passion Test or maybe watching one of the movies about the Casa (time permitting)
  • You may or may not be my only client when you arrive as I limit my groups to between one and five guests at a time, providing for much more personal attention than most of the tours to the Casa. If you are interested in hiring me to only work with you or your group as private clients, we can discuss what that would involve.

not included:

  • Travel or medical insurance
  • Additional Crystal Bed sessions after first two
  • Tipping for support staff at pousada, transportation or elsewhere
  • Taxi around Abadiania
  • Additional bottled blessed water
  • Passiflora Herbs prescribed by John of God
  • Excursions

accommodations (once confirmed as available)

I will book you in one of my favorite Abadiania Pousadas for English speaking or first time visitors to the Casa. Accommodations are simple yet extravagant compared to many of the other facilities. You will be staying in a private room with private bathroom. Friendly English speaking staff are at the front desk during meal times and will assist you with all of your needs. Rooms are cleaned several times a week (upon asking). Towels are provided and each room has WI-fi for internet. Toiletries are not included, so be sure to bring your own soap, hair and body products. Your pousada will be located within a ten minute walk from the Casa Dom Inácio de Loyola.

Your accommodation includes three meals per day, delicious fresh food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. All meals are served buffet style, and you have the choice to eat what you want and as much as you wish.  Fresh fruit juices are served with most meals and made with with clean, filtered water. Fruits and salads are washed with filtered water so safe for your consumption. Coffee, tea and fruit are available all day.

If you have a Spiritual Intervention, the pousada staff or I will bring your meals to your room. I will be sure we note vegetarian or special dietary needs.

adele’s contact information 

Upon arrival in Brasilia or Goiania you will be met by an English speaking taxi driver, who will greet you as you leave Customs and Immigrations holding a sign with your name. He will help you with your luggage and have you wait while he brings the car from the parking lot. If desired, he will take you to the ATM machine at the airport to get some Brazilian Reals, which has a very good rate if you have a debit card. You will then drive about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to Abadiânia. I will be waiting for you at your pousada when you arrive. (Taxi fee is included in your tour, if you choose to add an additional tip, 20 Reals is appropriate)

This will be a day to rest and if you have just arrived, an opportunity to acclimate to the time change. You may enjoy time in the garden hammocks, strolling around Abadiania or just relaxing. Many books are available for you to borrow from your pousada library.

We will discuss your Requests for John of God. I will share some Scripting tips with you to encourage your inclusion of many things. Prior to your arrival, please start making a list of all the things you desire to change in your life – including health, happiness and wealth (see details below)

We will tour the Casa, schedule crystal bed sessions and possibly relax under the mango trees. I will explain the basic Casa procedures, show you around and probably arrange the Portuguese lesson for this afternoon.

We will finish up any questions of the Casa procedures, complete your Requests for John of God and possibly visit the Sacred Waterfall. Other optional things to do at the Casa include:

At 8 a.m. every Tuesday morning, volunteers meet at the Casa gardens to chop vegetables for the Casa Soup which is served to all visitors on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after the morning sessions. Participating in this experience is something to consider as it is a wonderful way to give back, yet this is totally optional and you can do this your second week if you prefer.

At 3:00, there is a song practice for the Sunday service of song and prayer. This is held in the Casa gardens in the same area where the Casa Soup is prepared and served. John of God occasionally comes by to bless the soup and say hello.

At 5:00, the Casa Orientation is held in the same Casa garden location as the song practice. This is an informative session for first timers to hear about the Entities who will be working on you as well as hear more details of the Casa protocol.

At 6:00 p.m. to about 6:45 p.m., the Rosary is said in Portuguese in the main hall at the Casa. Many people, even those not speaking Portuguese nor Catholic, enjoy listening to the soothing rhythms and feeling the energy of prayer of the rosary.

wednesday, thursday and friday – casa days
We shall attend the Casa spiritual sessions beginning at 8:00 and 2:00, followed by possible spiritual intervention “surgery” sessions and recovery time, as well as sessions in the “current” which are the healing-meditation room of the Casa.

Depending on your outcome from John of God, you will be free to choose when to rest, meditate, have a Crystal bed session, visit the sacred waterfall for a spiritual cleansing or visit the little town Abadiânia and possibly purchase some beautiful Brazilian crystals.

We may visit the sacred waterfall – there is a very specific protocol required which will be explained. This is usually the day we start the Passion Test – a process I was certified to teach in 2007, which as I like to say, helps participants decide what next – what is it you really desire to do when you grow up?  This two session ‘test’ looks deep into the heart to help participants, from age 10 to 80, look at the next phase of life from a new angle, often helping make changes to support a healthier new lifestyle after working with John of God.

At 9:00 a.m. the song & prayer service is held at the Casa in English, French, German, Hebrew, Russian and possibly other languages.  People from every faith all over the world come together to pray and sing in one voice as we share our connection to the creator. These prayers are from different parts of the world and reflect the ecumenical style of the casa.

second week
You will meet John of God for more requests, depending on what happened last week I will help you be in the appropriate line of Revision or 2nd Time.  This is also your opportunity to show pictures of loved ones brought from home.

optional treatments in abadiania:

crystal beds
Crystal Beds refer to single beds with a fixture containing seven crystals and lights hung above it. Each lit crystal is positioned over a chakra point (energy center) on your body. You lie on your back on the massage table with a cloth over your eyes, listening to restful music. It is a wonderful way to relax, clear negativity, and open your chakras. Many visitors report significant healing, visions and sensations during a crystal bed session.

Often the Entities work on people during these sessions. There are 18 crystal bed rooms, found across the lawn beyond the benches at the Casa. Appointments are made at the bookstore. You may have as many as 3 sessions without asking John of God’s permission. If you want more you must ask Medium John of God. Sometimes he prescribes these sessions as part of a healing or preparation for surgery. The cost is 25 Reais per session

There are a variety of many different massage therapy clinics from Ayrevadic (4 hands, hot stone, Shirodhara oil drip) to more traditional massages. It is important that you only see an Entity approved therapist, and there are guidelines regarding the timing with your spiritual interventions. I can guide you to someone who is approved.

sacred waterfall
The waterfall is sacred to the Casa and Entities will work with people whilst there, some have been known to have an intervention (surgery). Access to the waterfall is only with permission from the Entity or me as an approved Casa Guide. You cannot go down to the water alone, and men and women have to go separately beyond the gate. Photos or videos are prohibited. This can be an extremely powerful experience. After a spiritual intervention, you must wait 72 hours before going to the waterfall and must take a taxi the first week. It is a long walk on a hilly dirt road to reach the waterfall, very healing if you are physically up to the challenge.

The Entity may prescribe an herbal treatment. The herbal supplements at the Casa are all composed of Passiflora. These are the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passion fruit plant. The herb has no medicinal value. It’s action may be equivalent to that of a cup of herbal tea. The power of the supplement is in the energy the Entity has placed in your specific supplement. The herbs are energized specifically for you alone. Do not let anyone handle them unless you are not able to do it yourself. Do not exchange herbs with anybody.

During the time you are taking the passiflora you must refrain from: drinking alcohol, or eating anything that contains pepper (black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers etc.)

the triangle
The golden triangle symbol is something you become accustomed to on your visit to the Casa. The sides of the triangle represent Faith, Love and Charity. There are three prayer triangles at the Casa in which you can put prayers and petitions for healing along with photos into the bottom of the triangle. One is in the “Mary” Chapel (not official name yet I feel Mary Magdalene energy here), King Solomon’s Porch or inside the Main Hall above the small stage.

other details:

brazilian reais, us dollars and chipped credit cards
The ATM limit is usually around 800 Reais, which is close to $250 US (depending on ever shifting exchange rate.) This is probably plenty for your stay here unless you plan to shop for treasures, stay longer than 2 weeks and use cash for everything. The Casa Store takes credit cards – with CHIPs – as do some of the local stores and restaurants. It is easy to exchange US Dollars here in Abadiania. I can take you there or give you details on the best place to do this.  I suggest you bring a few extra hundred dollar bills to exchange, just in case, as recently one of my clients got a much better rate for a significant crystal she purchased by using USD instead of her credit card.

I suggest you take a photo of your passport, Brazilian Visa, and credit cards then email the photo to yourself and/or hide a printed copy in a few places in your purse and luggage as well as leave one at home. I have never heard of anyone having any issues here yet this is a good habit to have when traveling internationally.

before you arrive
Please make a list of ALL current and previous health conditions, surgeries, injuries, stitches and general dental situation since your birth. We will refer to this before and after your spiritual interventions as it shares important information regarding your past and future health.

during your flight – be sure you bring your journal
For years I have been creating goals and desires as I fly around the world – yes, while in the air! This is a great time as we are leaving our past behind and venturing into new territories, especially this healing journey. As you relax and settle into your flight to Brazil, consider taking 30 minutes or longer to write what you would like to receive while you are in Abadiania. Enjoy this process, think BIG and have fun as you smile at what you are creating. I suggest you consider these three areas – Health, Happiness and Wealth.

Include who you will be as you move into complete radiant health with flexibility, strength, endurance, and high energy as you radiate your glowing health from the inside out. I like to think of my healthy pink organs, joints and muscles working perfectly in balance and harmony. Since our largest organ is our skin, I encourage you to see your skin as vibrant and glowing.

Include your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and your community. If you would like to meet your soul mate, write what that looks like to you – the outcome of how that relationship will make you feel, how you can support each other, what you can accomplish together, the places you will go to make a difference on Pachamama. If you are ready for a change in your home life, describe in detail where you would want to live, near water or nature, the language spoken nearby, the food, the weather. If your life is surrounded by the clutter of material things, consider what your life might be without most of those belongings – how much easier your life will flow, the simplicity, the freedom as you release some of those possessions to allow others to enjoy them.

Wealth means something different to each of us – for me, wealth is so much more than financial abundance. It includes unlimited fresh, clean water and food, resources for comfort and necessity, great support of my community, and freedom to travel and do my work wherever I am called. Financially it includes the impact I can continue to make to help with my donations to support my favorite non-profits, Pachamama Alliance (the group I joined in the Amazon to learn more of what we can do to protect our rainforests and subsequently our oxygen supply) and the John of God Casa. Spiritually it included a strong connection to my higher self and my spiritual family.

As you travel above our dear Mother Earth, enJOY the possibilities of creating what your life looks like as you live in complete health, happiness and wealth.

I look forward to seeing you soon in Abadiania and assure you I will do everything possible to make this the most healing, special journey of your lifetime. You may experience some ups and downs as you release layers of years of trauma and illness, yet I will support you in every way I have been trained to do to create the most benevolent outcome!

Sending you love and light for ease and grace as you prepare for your lovely journey to Paradise.

Email for more information.