Journey Packing List

Congratulations on your decision to visit John of God and take your healing to a new level. After living in Abadiania for over 6 months, I am adding a few things to this list.


Abadiania is very simple, so do not bring anything dressy or nice as there is red dirt everywhere and no where to dress up to go. Laundry can be done for you for a reasonable amount.

  • White tops and bottoms for Casa days (linen or cotton is recommended.) There are many local shops selling white clothing yet you may not want to spend your time shopping.
  • White sleepwear for Spiritual Interventions and White Nights
  • White or nude underwear for Casa days (3 days a week)
  • Several colored outfits for in town
  • Light Rain jacket or Pancho for unexpected showers
  • Bathing Suit to wear under clothing or Cover up (not expected to be white) – important for the Sacred Waterfall
  • Comfortable flat shoes, rubber flip flops work great (Havanas are everywhere here, about $5 US)


  • Hair Dryer, if needed
  • Hair, Soap and Body Products (including Shampoo/Conditioner)
  • Electrical Converter with 2 round prongs for Brazil. Electricity is 220 which is fine for most things but a 220 – 110 plug converter for things like hair dryer is necessary, although Luz Divina has these in the rooms for your use.
  • Umbrella
  • Tote – for umbrella, jacket/poncho, water
  • Journal
  • Healthy Snacks – nuts and dried fruits are very expensive here, so you may want to bring these
  • Insect Repellent – only use essential oil blends since Deet and typical bug repellents are highly toxic to all of us. If you do not have a natural version, check Whole Foods or “essential oil bug repellent” at Amazon. I have not felt any need for this although you may desire to bring one – but PLEASE do not bring anything with DEET.
  • Sunscreen – I do not recommend this yet if you feel it is necessary, consider one of the organic ones or “organic natural sunscreen” at Amazon. You will be told to avoid the sun for 7 days after an intervention so using an umbrella is recommended instead of sunscreen
  • Photos of family and friends to present to John of God for healing – include full name, date of birth, current city living in on the back and up to 3 requests they may have. Keep this simple and my recommendation is not to offer this to very many friends as it can quickly get out of hand and you are here to work on YOU! There is one small place here to print photos yet the process can get complicated. It is special to offer this to family and a few close friends, just have it completed when you leave your home.
  • cash, debit and credit cards:
    I suggest using an ATM card at the airport to get initial Reais, especially if you arrive on a Sunday as the money exchange will be closed. DO NOT use the cash exchange at the airport as the fees are very expensive!

Brazil machines prefer the CHIPPED cards, so be aware of this as your un-chipped cards may not work.

It is a good idea to bring $400 or $500 US for spending money, yet only exchange $100 or $200 at a time at the money exchange in Abadiania.

Most of your major expenses will be taken care of although you may want to buy extra Crystal Bed sessions, eat in some of the local restaurants, have an occasional asai treat or use cash to pay for snacks, laundry, Casa donations, tipping or purchase incidentals in the local shops. The Casa facilities take credit cards for Crystal Bed sessions, Herbs, Blessed water and purchases, as do some of the local shops. Most of the local stores offer a discount for cash purchases over credit or debit cards. If you choose to buy a large Brazilian crystal, you could save a significant amount of money by paying cash instead of a credit card.

I have found the Charles Schwab Debit Card to be the best one for international travel as it reimburses all ATM fees and has a fair currency rate of exchange. If you are interested in this option, call them at 1(800) 435-4000 to open a free checking account associated with this card, no minimums or fees. I already had a brokerage account so this was easy to set up. Schwab actually sent my debit card to me when I was living in Bosnia via FedEx as I decided to do it too close to my departure date.

Be sure to contact your credit card companies regarding being in Brazil as this will prevent a hold being put on your cards.