About John of God

John of God and Adele, May 2016

John of God and Adele, May 2016

Brazil is an amazing land of beauty,  majesty and high energy.  In Central Brazil, is a township known as Abadiânia, and a sanctuary called “Casa de Dom Inacio” where a man known as Joao de Deus, has been treating the physically, emotionally, and spiritually dis-eased, for more than 40 years, currently seeing over 1,500 people a day.


Joao de Deus  has cured cancers, aids, incurable diseases, eyesight problems, made the blind see, and paraplegics walk again, and much, much more.  International doctors and physicians have verified the results of his treatments.  Presidents, dignitaries, and celebrities have travelled from all over the world to see him for treatment, and he has even been awarded Peru’s Medal of Honour for curing the President’s son.  Joao de Deus says “It was not I who chose this mission of mine, it was God who entrusted it to me, and I will see it to the end. I do not cure anyone, it is God who cures, he is the way and the truth, and everywhere, for those who ask, this Supreme Being is present.”

The Story of Medium Joao

The story begins with the extraordinary life of Joao de Faria, who later became known as Medium Joao, or “John of God.” Joao was raised on a farm, and demonstrated clairvoyant abilities at a young age. He earned a living by doing menial labor and later working as a tailor.

One day, he had a vision telling him to go to a designated place in a nearby town. When he arrived, several people welcomed him saying they had expected him. He walked inside the building and the next thing he remembers is being hugged and told that he had just spent hours healing many people. He had no recollection of this, or of the time that had passed while he was doing the healing.

This event caused a great stir and his fame spread. People came from all over the area to see the great healer. This aroused the fear and anger of the local religious and medical practitioners and he was forced to move. Thus for years he continued to move from place to place and he was continually being harassed and jailed for offending those in power.

Finally he was guided to Abadiania, to start what became the Casa. It is located on a massive dome of quartz crystal with a magnificent view. For over 40 years, people have been traveling from all over Brazil and from every corner of the earth to visit the Casa. Many Brazilians travel for three days each way on a bus to visit for just one day.

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