enJOY this Sacred SoulJourn into the Chakra Gardens of magical Willka T’ika Resort, home of the March J.O.Y. Codes Journey… details below.

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The J.O.Y. Codes Journey – EQUINOX in Peru March 2020

Ollantaytampu Sun Temple

Cusco * Sacred Valley * Machu Picchu

March 13 – 19, 2020

7 days/ 6 nights

During this all-inclusive 7 day, 6 night retreat explore The Journey Of You while discovering the magic of Cusco, Machu Picchu (the City of Light with its mysterious ruins and natural wonders) and the other most important ancient sites of the Sacred Valley (Korikancha Temple, Saksaywaman, P’isaq, Maras Salt Flats, Ollantaytampu and more).

Visit a local Quechua mountain community school while practicing ayni, an ancient Andean exchange with the children. Enjoy a visit to the famous, colorful P’isaq market where Quechua merchants come to share their smiles, along with their hand-woven goods, jewelry, wall hangings and beadwork… a photographers dream!

All of this with plenty of time in the world renowned Seven Chakra Gardens at Willka T’ika – your private resort grounds to connect you to Mother Earth. Optional healing treatments include solar-heated floral medicinal baths under the stars, Andean spa therapies, massage and crystal light therapy.

Willka T’ika is a retreat center conceived, built and maintained on sustainable principles, where you will savor gourmet organic vegetarian meals and fully relax in your beautiful garden accommodation.

We will discuss The J.O.Y. Codes – the Journey Of You… a creation of your group leader, Adele, to reach and maintain inner harmony and peace, as we work on the Mind – Body – Spirit – Heart – Community Connection. This is a system to simplify living a more JOYful life… to discover who you are, how you show up in this world and what truly brings you JOY!

This Sacred Valley J.O.Y. Codes – the Journey Of You program is an exclusive journey, limited to 11 participants. Early booking is essential to assure train and Machu Picchu tickets with the group.


FRIDAY, March 13

Upon arrival in Cusco, you will be taken a short drive away to our lovely hotel, conveniently situated off the historic Plaza de Armas.  Adele will help you organize this, so visit with her about planned flights. Please plan to arrive in the morning, relax at our hotel, have a quiet lunch, and drink local tea to help you easily adjust to the higher altitude. 

Note: Please arrive into Cusco no later than 11 a.m. to acclimate to the 11,000 ft. altitude. 

Korikancha Temple in Cusco

3:00 p.m. Meet Adele in the hotel lobby for a brief orientation meeting. Late afternoon walk through the cobblestone streets of San Blas, amongst fascinating Incan stonework en route to the Korikancha Temple, the holiest site during Incan times. 

6:30 p.m. Delicious Peruvian Welcome Dinner. (D)

DAY 2 

SATURDAY, March 14

Saksaywaman in Cusco

A.M.  After breakfast, we will ride up to the awesome giant stones of Saksaywaman, overlooking the city of Cusco, where we will participate in a brief meditation and if you choose, hike around this magnificent Incan site.

12:00 p.m. Depart for Willka T’ika, our resort home in the heart of the Sacred Valley, as we drive through spectacular Andean mountain scenery.

Willka T’ika, our magical home in the Sacred Valley

The Willka T’ika Quechua staff will welcome us to the retreat center. You will have time to unpack, relax and enjoy the lush gardens before a wonderful organic dinner. (B,D)

SUNDAY, March 15

A.M.  Today is dedicated to Pachamama, Mother Earth. After a delicious, organic breakfast we will have an introduction to the Seven Chakra Gardens and attune to their energies. We will discuss The J.O.Y. Codes – the Journey of YOU and how this relates to the splendors of nature.

Spiral Gardens at Willka T’ika

P.M. This afternoon we will continue with the J.O.Y. Codes with time to indulge in Andean spa treatments or relax in the beautiful gardens.  
Optionally, choose a hike to the town of  Urubamba through farming neighborhoods, visit a typical, lively Peruvian market, a high-quality alpaca factory store and the famous Seminario ceramics shop.

Transformative Fire Ceremony in the Willka T’ika Gardens

After a delicious dinner we will enjoy a Transformative Fire Ceremony in the gardens of Willka T’ika. (B,D)

MONDAY, March 16

A.M. An ayni day. Welcome the sparkling energies of the day with a drive through the Sacred Valley to a Quechua mountain school, one of five supported by the nonprofit Willka T’ika Children’s Fund.

Since 1995, Willka T’ika has maintained contact with dedicated school teachers in isolated high mountain communities where few tourists are privileged to visit. In a reciprocal ayni exchange, the group offers an activity the children can enjoy. The warmth and joy of the children, and their openness in bringing guests into their daily lives are special moments not easily forgotten. We will most likely be deeply moved by this heart-opening morning. We will have lunch while enjoying the Andean landscape.

Visit Quechua classroom
P’isaq Sun Temple

P.M.  Continue with our local guide to the spectacular ruins of P’isaq. Overlooking impressive Incan terraces, we will hike a gentle sloped trail to the Temple of the Sun, a doorway to the upper Andean world of the Condor, messenger of the Gods. You may join a group meditation or walk slowly in a silent personal vision quest to open the third eye.

Natural Andean colorful dyes

Return to the main square of P’isaq by van and visit the famous, colorful market filled with woven goods, jewelry, wall hangings and hand-painted beadwork. Enjoy café or tea in the market square where you can observe colorfully dressed campesinos wearing traditional clothing coming to barter and sell their produce. P’isaq is a photographer’s dream. Return to Willka T’ika with time for a late afternoon garden meditation before dinner. (B,L,D)


TUESDAY, March 17

A.M. Early breakfast. Tourist train to Aguas Calientes. Tea/coffee and snack served on train. A bus takes us to the sunlit terraces of Machu Picchu. Enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the ancient “City of Light.” Experience a journey through the masculine energy temples of political and spiritual power, followed by a deep reconnection of feminine earth energies within the Divine Self.

Machu Picchu – Jana Stanfield with Adele, 2011

P.M.  In the afternoon, take a gentle hike to Inti Punku, the original Incan Gateway to the Sun or to the Incan bridge. Late afternoon train back to Ollantaytampu where we will transfer to Willka T’ika in time for a late dinner. (B,L,D)



A.M. After breakfast, we will discuss the J.O.Y. Codes and how you can incorporate them into your daily life. As a sojourner, you were called to the Sacred Valley. Today is dedicated to you, and offered to you as a gift, by spending much of the day in silence, to enJOY the pure, sacred energies of Pachamama in the Chakra Gardens. Feel Her embrace and allow the Divine Goddess to whisper guidance and wisdom to your soul. Receive Her divine messages, and allow them to penetrate deeply into your heart.

Ollantaytampu Sun Temple

P.M. Optional visit to the ceremonial site of Ollantaytampu, its famous Sun Temple and the quaint picturesque town of Ollantaytampu.  

Maras Salt Flats

For the more active, a ride to the Maras Salt Flats is offered with a one way gentle down-hill hike back to Willka T’ika.

Alternately, guests are also welcome to stay at Willka Tika and relax, or schedule and enjoy an Andean SPA treatment, or crystal light therapy session to pamper the body. (B.D)



THURSDAY, March 19

10:00 a.m. Check-Out Time. Please note the Willka T’ika staff has to prepare the entire premises for the next incoming group, and have some rest time with their families.

There is time for a spa treatment, mediation or to spend quietly in the gardens, before the one group bus transfer at 10:00 a.m SHARP which takes the group to the Cusco airport to connect to Lima, and flight home. From Willka T’ika, allow three hours and 25 minutes before your Cusco flight. Ideal flights to Lima that fit into this departure leave Cusco between 2 pm-4 p.m. Additional costs apply for an individual transfer for guests with earlier or later departures. Please contact Adele before you finalize your flights, as many return flights to the US are now later in the day, and we can arrange for you to spend the day at Willka T’ika, with prior arrangements.

Return home feeling blessed with the pure spiritual energy of your transformational Andean journey-of-a-lifetime. (B)


  • 6 nights shared accommodations (5 at Willka T’ika, a world-class luxury garden Eco-Retreat Center in the heart of the Sacred Valley and 1 night in Cusco in a lovely hotel near the historic Plaza de Armas)
  • Land transportation from Cusco Airport on March 13, inclusive until returning to Cusco Airport on March 19
  • Professionally guided adventure to magical Machu Picchu, including all ground transportation and entrance tickets for the full Machu Picchu experience
  • Two or three gourmet vegetarian meals included each day. Meals noted below each day with (B, L, D)
  • Experience the private Chakra Gardens and 1000+ year-old Lucuma Tree, which nourish the seven major chakras of the human body and “open the senses of the soul.”  These Sacred Gardens are always available for registered guests.
  • All fees and visits to ruins, community school and local markets
  • Everything in the Itinerary as noted


  • Flights in and out of Cusco (CUZ) Airport.
  • Separate airport transfers and hotel bookings.
  • Tips, sundries and bottled beverages, laundry and spa services. (Tips suggested $60 to $80 for resort staff and professional local tour guide).

The J.O.Y. Codes

The concept of The J.O.Y. Codes – Journey Of YOU is a process which addresses the Mind – Body – Spirit – Heart – Community Connection. This is a system to simplify living a JOYful life… to discover who you are, how you show up in this world and what truly brings you JOY!

The overall big mission of The J.O.Y. Codes is to help shift the planet Mother Earth into a higher vibration.  This may sound like an insurmountable goal, although since we are all connected, it makes sense that each one of us plays a part in enhancing ourselves to support this big picture.  By doing so, as we increase our positive energy, we naturally help others raise theirs.

The five aspects of The J.O.Y. Codes have been designed to create inner harmony and peace, using specific concepts to enhance the Mind – Body – Spirit – Heart – Community Connection.  These Codes include concrete tools which:

  • raise us into a higher vibration as we gain confidence in our ability to create our full reality
  • teach us how to access our inner wisdom as we learn how to ask for inner guidance and how to move forward with what we discover 
  • give us the confidence of making decisions for our greatest good, in which the outcome is a deeper connection to our higher self and self love 
  • help us use words more effectively and be conscious of our mindset
  • tap into knowing our passions with a wonderful process to delve into what really brings us JOY and how to incorporate that into our daily lives
  • connect us more directly to Spirit 
  • open our hearts to give and receive JOY as we connect with like minded life travelers
  • keep that channel open as we delve into living a lifestyle of JOY

Let’s let our inner J.O.Y. get stronger to support others on their journey… helping all of us.. on all continents, in all walks of life.


Adele Good is an adventurous traveler who spent much of her life time exploring sacred sites all over the world. Her mission is to help connect cultures around the planet while sharing the mysteries of ancient civilizations. 

Adele in Bali, standing on the terrace of a hidden site –  similar to Machu Picchu

As a successful business owner for almost 40 years, she has facilitated workshops and seminars since 1996 which evolved into personal development self-discovery programs to support clients in a multitude of ways, including health and inner growth.  

After naturally reversing several life threatening diseases, Adele created a healthy lifestyle which supports her travel and mission as a Professional Speaker, Coach, Author, Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Energy Healing Practitioner. 

She left the US in July 2014 to live in Bosnia while excavating the largest pyramids on Earth and extensively explore sacred sites in Europe, then moved to South America to live in Peru and Brazil while continuing the discovery of our ancient planet.  Since then, she has lived in South Africa and Thailand which allowed her to investigate the surrounding sacred lands of Cambodia, Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore, then returned to live again in Bosnia, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru, while planning Sacred Journeys to each of these ancient culturally rich countries.

Adele designed The J.O.Y. Codes Journey – the Journey Of You, using the skills she learned and deep wisdom she accessed as she created her own JOYful life.  The J.O.Y. Codes are a culmination of her own personal work and the seminars she held for clients on five continents. She has created a blessed life of living her passions which include travel, discovering ancient sites and sharing her gifts of J.O.Y. along the way. The J.O.Y. Codes Journeys will be held in sacred places around the world, with time for exploration of the inner-self as well as surrounding ancient sites.   


Peru is naturally mountainous and although some stairs are uneven and do not have handrails, you will be able to travel at your own pace. If you have serious hip or leg conditions, you may want to skip some of the sites or only do the easy paths. Most of the places we will go are rated Easy to Moderate… and your guides will work with you to assure your safety and comfort.

Willka T’ika

Willka T’ika Essential Wellness Resort

Located at the foot of glacier-topped Andean peaks in the heart of the Sacred Valley, Willka T’ika offers guests an experience of gracious luxury and wellness in one of the earth’s most energetically charged, culturally rich settings.

Willka T’ika surrounded by millions of flowers amongst the magnificent Andes

Willka T’ika offers more than the international criteria defining an ‘Ecolodge’. 

Beautifully appointed Guest Room

Our sustainable guest rooms reflect the textures and colors of Mother Earth, “Pachamama” in the indigenous Quechua language.

Yogawasi Yoga Studio

Spacious yoga studios, cozy meditation cottages, and outdoor and indoor ceremonial areas, .

Sun Garden – Solar Plexus Chakra

Willka T’ika’s magnificent healing gardens provide guests with the opportunity to relax, restore, rejuvenate and receive the powerful energy of the Andes. 

1000+ year-old fruit bearing Lucuma Tree

Each garden is designed to correspond to one of yoga’s seven chakras, or energy centers, of the human body, and is graced with sacred sculptures and stonework appropriate to the chakra represented.


Willka T’ika is a holistic haven in the Andes.

The handsome adobe-style buildings that grace Willka T’ika are constructed of natural materials sourced in the area. Hot water used on the property is solar heated. When Willka T’ika’s weekly allotment of water from the local water cooperative is not needed in the gardens, we collect it in large storage tanks for later use. Willka T’ika is one of the few Sacred Valley hotels with its own septic tanks on the property. 

The gardens at Willka T’ika have been strictly organic since their inception in 1994. The large greenhouses supplement the vegetable garden and allow us to grow our own produce year-round. Kitchen scraps and garden trimmings are composted. Willka T’ika keeps its own free-range hens for production of eggs only. 

Our sustainable practices influence the local community as well. Quechua staff members are taught how to create a chemical-free environment and grow their food organically. Staff gardeners take home seeds from Willka T’ika’s flowers and vegetables to plant on their own farms and their wives sell the flowers and produce in local markets. 

For three years the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund, a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been equipping two mountain schools with tools, seeds, and materials needed to organically grow vegetables. In addition to our educational assistance,  providing all four schools with school materials, seminars given by our gardeners are frequently held for students in the  Willka T’ika greenhouses. Willka T’ika shares its expertise with Quechua teenagers who take this knowledge back to their isolated mountain communities. This encourages many families to organically grow vegetables to supplement their diets.

An ongoing Young Woman’s Academy to serve and assist the needs of young women in a society that does not sufficiently honor womens’ issues and rights is supported by the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund.


The cuisine at Willka T’ika is an exotic fusion of Andean, American, South Asian and African flavors.

Gourmet vegetarian meals are served daily, using high-protein Andean grains and legumes, as well as organic, freshly harvested vegetables and salads grown on-site. We serve our own free-range eggs. Vegan, gluten free, and special dietary requests can be accommodated. 

Willka T’ika has the only 100% hormone-free and chemical-free gourmet vegetarian hotel kitchen in Peru’s Sacred Valley. The gardens are strictly organic. 

Start the day with a cup of freshly harvested herbal tea or fresh roasted Quillabamba coffee grown on staff family farms. The buffet breakfast may include homemade muesli using kiwicha and other Andean grains, breads from a local oven, omelets, and sliced fruits and avocadoes from the subtropical Machu Picchu area. Dinner may include a hearty soup, freshly harvested salad and gourmet vegetarian entrees with steamed vegetables. Meals include quinoa and kiwicha, the grain that gave Inkan warriors strength, or tarwi, an Andean legume containing more protein than red meat.

Non-vegetarians find the cuisine at Willka T’ika flavorsome, original and delicious. 


For millennia, the Quechua-speaking indigenous people of the Andes have depended upon one another for their existence.

The Quechua word for this interdependent way of living is ayni. The word ayni has no real equivalent in English. More than simple reciprocity, it means “today for you, tomorrow for me,” suggesting that giving comes before receiving.

Ayni is the thread that holds the fabric of Andean existence together. The Quechua live and work, play and pray in a world governed by the principle of interdependence. All work is shared. They help each other, knowing that at some time the favor will be returned.

Before drinking akkha, the traditional corn-based alcoholic beverage, they spill a few drops on the earth as an offering to Pachamama. They also offer her small portions of food before they eat. Willka T’ika honors this ancient way of the Andes in every aspect of its operations, from organic gardening methods to sustainable construction and water use, from staff members working together to the quality of care and attention extended to guests.


Willka T’ika offers a range of therapeutic spa treatments to restore the body. 

Professional local therapists offer Willka T’ika guests optional Andean SPA treatments, including massage and facials.

Outdoor Floral Solar Baths Under the Southern Skies

Massage styles include Andean massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage and shiatsu. 

Rejuvenating Willka T’ika facials use natural products infused with ingredients from the gardens. Experience the benefits of a masque suffused with the ancient energy of fruit from our thousand-year-old lucuma tree, or with honey made from bees visiting Willka T’ika’s flowers.

Reflexology treatments revitalize the body through pressure applied to reflex zones on the feet. Our reflexology treatments incorporate the healing benefits of salt from the nearby Maras salt farms or traditional aromatherapy essential oils. 


Peru time zone is easy for Americans to adjust to as it has only one time zone and does not observe daylight saving time. During the winter (summer in the Northern Hemisphere), Peruvian Time is the same as North American Central Time, while during the summer (winter in the Northern Hemisphere) it is akin to Eastern Time.

March is an excellent month for an Andean adventure, before the tourist season begins! The weather is mild and pleasant with daytime temperatures average in the 70s°F, while night time low temperatures average in the 50s°F.

March through May (the Andean fall months) are sunny and the mountains and fields are beautifully green. Soft rains may fall at night in February & March. 

Be prepared for relatively high elevations. Approximate elevations above sea-level: Willka T’ika’s 9,420 feet, Cusco’s 11,150 feet, Machu Picchu 7,800 feet.  Adele will share easy natural ways to prepare for this high altitude before you leave home as well as once you arrive in Cusco.


You must have a valid passport to travel to Peru. Please check your passport expiration date and make sure it is valid for at least 6 months after the end date of your retreat. 

A Visa is NOT required for US Citizens visiting Peru.

No special shots or immunizations are necessary for visiting Peru.


March 13 – 19, 2020

Shared Occupancy 


Deposit of $888 

Non-refundable, non-transferable deposit confirms your space

Single Occupancy rooms are available for a surcharge of $555 per Person.

You may use Paypal (account Adele@AdeleGood.com) or Zelle (account Adele@AdeleGood.com) to make payments.  Add 3% for credit cards.

Contact Adele at Adele@AdeleGood.com with questions or to discuss joining this or future J.O.Y. Codes Journeys.

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I Sold Everything to Travel the World

 Published in The Fine Line Magazine 10/24/17

#RealTalk | 10.24.2017

The first time I seriously considered leaving the United States to travel full-time was March 2014. I was 58 years old. Two months later, I had sold or given away almost everything I owned. Three years later, I am writing this from 40,000 feet, as I fly back from my 1,167-day worldwide journey. I am different from when I left: I am a woman who trusts herself absolutely.

I am 61 and fearless.

Looking back, I marvel at the confidence it took to cancel the lease on my luxury condo, sell my sports car, end my relationship with a wonderful man (I couldn’t ask him to wait for me), close my consulting company, and resign from two board of director positions. I didn’t have a lot of money, investments, or an inheritance to fall back on, I only knew there was something missing in my life.

I had done everything I was supposed to do: raised two sons, became a successful entrepreneur, served my community and somehow lost some of me in all of it. I was living a life that no longer served me, working to pay huge bills to have the things I thought would make me happy. But they didn’t. They just shackled me to a life that wasn’t fulfilling.

I longed to simplify. I wanted to travel.

As a spiritual life coach and an energy healing practitioner, I knew I would be able to work from anywhere in the world. Using social media, I was able to create a bit of passive income as I set out on my journey.


In July, just four months after I decided to upend my life, I said goodbye to my sons, mother, family and friends, and spent a last bittersweet night with my boyfriend. Each goodbye broke my heart. Each goodbye was a step closer to my dream.

But that’s not to say that I wasn’t scared!

The little girl inside of me wanted to stay comfortable in the life I had created. A little voice in the back of my head was saying, “What if you’re wrong? What if you don’t like it? What if this is a whole lot harder than you think it’s going to be? What if this is a huge mistake?” Still, I had to do it.

That first year, I explored twelve countries in Europe and volunteered in Bosnia excavating the world’s largest pyramids. For the next 18 months, I lived in The Sacred Valley of Peru’s Andean highlands, investigated the ruins of Bolivia, drove all over southern Mexico, and worked as a guide for a spiritual healer in Brazil. Then I spent six months in South Africa, visiting ancient structures from Nelspruit to Cape Town. I experienced miracles and unexplained occurrences. From there, I traveled to Asia, visiting six countries. I especially loved Thailand.

In the last three years, I’ve experienced so many different events and emotions. There were times that I was nearly out of money. There were times that I felt deeply alone. There were times that I looked up to realize that I was in physical danger. But there was also joy — oh so much joy.

Fourteen months into my journey, while I was in Brazil working for the spiritual healer, I met a young Swiss woman with breast cancer that had spread to her bones. She looked healthy but was in tremendous pain. She’d been told that she would die soon, so she’d come from Switzerland to see the famous healer. I guided the woman through her journey with the healer, and her health improved. Three years later, she is alive and thriving. I had many similar experiences, and though it pained me to see people suffering, it was so gratifying to know that I was playing a significant role in their healing.


Last July, just a couple of months before I returned to the United States, I spent a month in the Thai village of Pai. It is an absolutely beautiful place, and despite being surrounded by many people, even some close friends, I felt lonely a lot of the time. Loneliness is not something I often experience, and it felt especially painful. I found myself drawn to a small bungalow owned by a beautiful Buddhist woman. I rented the house from her, and even though she spoke no English, and I do not speak Thai, we communicated through our eyes and gestures. She appeared over and over to look after me when I needed it most, appearing with an open heart and meeting my needs before I even knew I had them. It was humbling, and I had to learn to accept her gifts of food and comfort. I cried when she dropped me off at the bus station the day I left, and not a day passes that I don’t remember that there are opportunities to serve others the way my Buddhist angel served me.

Now, I am resting. I am preparing for a new adventure. I am living in the knowledge that I went in search of meaning for my life and I found it. People often say to me, “You’re so lucky,” but the truth is there was no luck involved here. I followed my heart. Because I did, I got the opportunity to step outside of what was expected of me. I got to escape the rules that American society tells a 58-year-old woman she is supposed to live by. And I found the most important thing each of us can find in this world. I found my truest self and what brings joy into my life.

It wasn’t easy, but the unknown isn’t. There were times I was afraid and alone and wondering, What in the world have I done? That’s when I discovered I already had all the answers, I just had to listen for them.

Adele Good is a spiritual life coach and associate with Imagine Miracles. You can learn more about her at allgoodinternational.com. email Adele@AllGoodInternational.com

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Fish Traps of Koh Lipe, Thailand

While on my adventure of living on five continents since 2014, I left Cape Town in April, 2017 to fly to Bangkok, arriving in SE Asia for my first trip this far East.   I joined some friends to explore Cambodia and attend an Ancient Archeology Conference in the Philippines. In May, I met up with some professional speaker friends on the “Together We Can Change the World Tour” to volunteer in Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand for several weeks.  Once my friends had all headed home, I stayed on in Northern Thailand, mainly living in Chaing Mai and Pai, with a bit of travel up north to Myanmar and the Golden Triangle at Laos.

After three months, I had to leave the country as my Visa was expiring.  So I flew from Chiang Mai to Hat Yai in the southern part of the country to either go straight to Malaysia or explore the south for a week before having to leave Thailand.  I was guided to Koh Lipe so took a 90 minute fast boat over the rough Strait of Malacca. Once on the island, I was so glad I had a week left on my Visa as it was such a lovely place to relax, snorkel and explore.

I was fascinated by the local men who made the Long Tail Boats and Fish Traps by hand. I found myself hanging around, watching them and soon realized I would be seeing a trap created from inception to completion so decided to make this video.

The Sea Gypsies of Koh Lipe, Thailand are so kind and full of JOY. These local people gave permission to be videoed and photographed as they worked for several days creating these strong Fish Traps of bamboo, cord and wire. It was fascinating to watch them make the ‘chain-link’ sides all around the bamboo frame on the island’s beautiful Sunset Beach.

You can see how much they seem to enJOY their work. The large trap being worked on in this video took about four days to complete. Once done, it was loaded onto a locally made Long Tail Boat in the evening to be taken out to sea early the next morning. A week or so later, a group of fishermen in several boats will pull up the trap, open the hinged door, dump the contents into one of the boats and return to Koh Lipe with between 100 to 150 kilograms of fresh fish to sell to the local restaurants and residents.

It was so wonderful to watch this ancient craft being passed on from generation to generation. Sadly, none of the men has access to the internet, so they probably won’t get to see this finished video to realize how much their craftsmanship is appreciated. They spoke a local dialect and only a small amount of English so much laughter and many smiles were exchanged as communication was attempted.  Koh Lipe is a fabulous island get-away at the southern tip of Thailand.

***Photographs and Video taken and compiled by Adele Good, Founder of All Good International.   Adele is a Professional Speaker (currently on sabbatical), Transformational Coach, does Energy Healing and loves Adventure Travel. She has been exploring ancient healing processes and hidden sites all over the world for decades. Adele left the USA in 2014 to travel full time and since then, has traveled and lived all over Europe, S. America, Mexico, S. Africa and SE Asia.   Questions – contact her at Adele@AdeleGood.com

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Empower YOU! virtual event Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday, March 25 – Facilitated Remotely by Adele Good from South Africa

8 a.m. PST, 10 a.m. CST, 11 a.m. EST, 3 p.m. in London and 5 p.m. in Cape Town

Access your Higher Self as you learn a simple method of Kinesiology – Muscle Testing. This is a quick, fun way to ask your higher self for answers to almost any question involving your health, happiness and wealth.  You will also participate in receiving All Good Energy Healing as any pain or discomfort is relieved and your mobility significantly improved.

Adele’s focus for many years has been to empower others to realize how easy it is to be radiantly healthy.  Being raised in a family of four generations of medical doctors, and battling asthma, pre-diabetes, thyroid issues and severe knee pain, Adele finally figured it out so now these conditions are only part of her past.  In 2006, she stopped taking all medications, got healthy and now at age 60 lives a radiantly healthy active full life exploring ancient sites hidden all over Mother Earth. She shares how easy it is to youthen and live life full out, regardless of age, physical or medical limitations.

Adele had become a seminar junkie and participated in thousands of hours of alternative healing seminars and individual work all over the world. After realizing the life changing power of her energy healing trainings, she shifted her focus to empower others as they discover how simple it is to naturally be radiantly healthy.
She was traveling a lot and figured out how much more fun (and financially smart) it would be to sell everything and travel full time, exploring sacred sites and doing her energy work on the road. In 2014, she sold her business, released everything she owned by giving
most of it to her grown sons as their early inheritance and moved to Bosnia where she helped excavate the world’s largest pyramids which look like tree covered mountains (all about healing and energy).  From there Adele drove all over Europe, spending five months doing energy healing in the south of France, moved to Peru, explored Mexico, Bolivia and Uruguay then explored Brazil. Last August, she went to S. Africa to spend a month traveling across the country exploring ancient sites and stayed.
 Adele is listening to a higher calling and leaving soon for S. E. Asia to volunteer with “Together We Can Change The World” (TWCCTW.org).   She has confirmed with her higher self that moving to Asia is in her highest and greatest good, so she is confident she will be guided and protected as always.

TWCCTW will work with underprivileged women and children all over SE Asia. Part of Adele’s commitment to TWCCTW is to raise funds. She would love to offer this Empower YOU online workshop to share HOW she gets these callings and is able to completely trust her higher guidance as she listens to her intuition and makes confident decisions.

Adele has taught this process to hundreds of friends and clients all over the world, enabling them to ‘get out of the way’ and be guided to make more conscious choices. She will also include healing for everyone on the call and guarantee each participant will feel the energy flowing or a difference in their body after the session.

If you have aches and pains they will be reduced and if you do not have any discomforts, you will feel a wonderful sense of calm and relaxation. Some of you will receive significant healing if you are willing to share details and let others witness the process she calls All Good Energy Healing. This is a combination of years of training with doctors and masters all over the world.

Adele has had huge success with clients:         

*regaining sense of smell and taste
*shifting sleep disorders
*leaving canes and walkers behind
*unlocking painful shoulder, neck or knee blockages to regain complete mobility
*alleviating back pain
*healing faster and with less medication from disease, surgeries or other conditions
*working with pets and horses to quickly shift medical conditions

Usually one session is enough to completely release all discomfort, yet for deep or long standing health issues, be aware it might take up to three sessions.  This group event will show you how simple it is to begin massive healing.

If you would like to be chosen to receive specific healing for aches, pain, severe knee or joint issues, loss of smell or taste, or anything you will obviously be able to feel has shifted and improved, send Adele the details of your health conditions and she will let you know later in the week if you have been chosen.

To hold your space, please send your donation of at least $22 via PayPals at Adele@AdeleGood.com (please use Friends and Family process so no one pays fees).

If you have already donated on Adele’s behalf to TWCCTW.org, you are also welcome to join this event.

Send an email to Adele@AdeleGood.com if you have any questions.

You will receive a message on Friday with details regarding how to connect to this virtual 2 hour event on Saturday, March 25 – 8 a.m. PST, 10 a.m. CST, 11 a.m. EST, 3 p.m. in London and 5 p.m. in Cape Town.

Please share this with friends and family who might benefit from this life changing process.

Be sure to drink lots of water the day of this event as hydration is very important.

Adele looks forward to EMPOWERING YOU as you help empower others with your donation to TWCCTW!

Thank you so much!

***She is also available for Private All Good Energy Healing Sessions in person or remotely, which are guaranteed to create significant shifts in pain, discomfort, mobility and overall wellness. Contact Adele at Adele@AdeleGood.com.  This fee is $111, which, if done before March 28, will also be gifted to TWCCTW.

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Essential Oils – Essential to Good Health

Have you discovered the ancient secrets of essential oils yet?  Ever think about how refreshing peppermint makes you feel, how relaxing lavender can be or how eucalyptus quickly relieves congestion? Or, depending on your age and early oral health, the effects of pure clove oil your dentist used to dab on your gums to numb the area before shots of novocaine?

p2170124These are just a few essential oils you may have used while not realizing how powerful each can be in helping you attain and remain healthy… especially in their natural state, without added chemicals or fillers.

Big pharma began tapping into these natural oils years ago as they were usually the base for drugs and medications.  Now, sadly, along with the FDA, they are working to make it harder for us to get these essential oils in their undiluted form.  These pure oils can not be patented which is the foundation of the multi-billion dollar business of the chemical formulas these chemical companies patent and promote.

One of the ridiculous things going on will be the addition of an expiration date on pure essential oil bottles.  I say “ridiculous” as ancient oils found over the millennium are just as potent and healthy as those properly distilled today and have not expired.

I am sharing this information as I keep hearing the FDA is getting more involved in stopping those of us who believe there is a better way to be healthy.  Many of us, from the US have been brainwashed to believe drugs, radiation or surgeries are the only solutions to heal dis-ease and major health issues.

Having been raised in a family of four medical doctors, my father, an orthopedic surgeon and pioneer in hand surgery, who died in 1981, warned us what was coming in “modern” western medicine.  Sadly, he was very accurate in his predictions of the chemical industry.  As a young child, I remember him not allowing us to take over the counter or prescription medicine as he did not want those chemicals in our bodies.

In my forties, in spite of my father’s warnings, I was very ill and taking a growing list of strong prescriptions of which I would most likely still be on along with many more, had I not ‘woken’ up to the lessons he had drilled into us and taken my health into my own hands.

I reversed all of my health conditions, got off all of those meds and have not even taken an aspirin since 2006. Today, at sixty, I feel amazing and believe I am “youthing” instead of aging.

Once my path took a different twist from traditional western medicine, I began my work with Shamans, indigenous cultures and exploring ancient untapped lands for healthier options.

Since leaving the US in 2014, I have traveled full time, searching for answers to natural health among hundreds of ancient sites all over Europe, South America, Mexico, and now South Africa.

One simple lesson, while hiking the Inca trails in the Sacred Valley was when my Peruvian guide crushed fresh peppermint into my hands.  He told me to breathe it as it opened my tight lungs and helped significantly during a strenuous hike in the high altitude. This plant was all over the ancient Inca trails, there to aid the Inca runners as they traversed the mountains of the Sacred Valley.

Since most of us can’t carry plants around with us, Essential Oils, along with a healthy diet, exercise and positive mindset are a great option.

p2170121Without creating alarm of what I see coming, I want to encourage you to go onto Amazon.com and while it is still available, order a book I believe you will find invaluable. This is the only book I carry with me from continent to continent…the Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition, is the most recent printing.  My copy is very worn and all highlighted as I use it for minor and more significant health issue for myself and clients as it covers healthy alternatives using Essential Oils for most dis-eases and health conditions…naturally returning the body to radiant health inside out.  I suggest you read it cover to cover, highlighting as you go and deciding if you might be able to reverse some of your own ailments.

This book is a great introductory and advanced guide to learn the history of Essential Oils as well as how they can benefit you, your family and even your pets.

It was from reading this book, I learned to be cautious of over the counter oils, even if sold in health food stores, as they can be deceptive.  One simple example is regarding popular Lavender Oil.  Unfortunately, there is a lavender oil “hybrid called lavandin, grown and distilled throughout the world.  Lavandin is often heated to evaporate the camphor, mixed with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve the fragrance, and then sold as lavender oil.”   This is NOT a healthy form of “Lavender Oil” and can have a negative effect on the body, especially burns as lavandin might actually make them worse whereas pure Lavender Oil is known to quickly improve burns.

I have tried various brands of Essential Oils and believe Young Living is the best source.  There are other companies producing high quality oils, yet after working directly with Gary Young, founder of Young Living, many years ago, I trust his integrity, research and long term commitment of quality Essential Oils.

This little pouch has been my only p2170126“medicine kit” since 2011, traveling around the world with me and providing help to so many others I have met along my journey. It contains many of my favorite oils and although I have recently been called to add more essential oils to my collection, these were sufficient to help many with tooth aches, sleep issues, repel insects, indigestion, insect bites, scrapes, headaches, stress, minor bone breaks, colds, muscular discomfort and respiratory issues.  One oil even deterred mice when I lived in the French countryside and had little critters finding their way into my kitchen. Yes….versatile and fascinating!

I recently heard of some major medical centers ‘testing’ Essential Oils among their patients, which to me is very frightening, as I have no doubt the chemical companies are behind this activity and the long term outcome will not benefit anyone except big pharma.

If you have any questions about Essential Oils, want to learn more about Young Living or would like to share some of your success stories, please comment to this post.

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Adele Good – FIRST 5K OFF Bucket List!

p2150836“Feeling a bit anxious as the sun just rose out my window exposing another gorgeous day here in Cape Town… a little part of me hoped it would be pouring today so I had an excuse to stay in. As an American traveling the world alone I feel so blessed to have my health back, happy grown children and a business model which allows me this freedom… and as I strive to do new ‘Firsts’ I occasionally get a bit nervous as I realize I am totally out of my element. Having taken my first run since 2011, (barefoot on the beach) just a week ago, I heard about this nearby Parkrun and decided to check it ou. I certainly realize I am in no shape to run a 5K with a bunch of locals who do it weekly – especially with the extra 20 pounds I have challenged myself to release! So, as I wait for Uber to pick me up and deliver me to this new unknown.. .alone into an uncomfortable environment, I know I will grow and take one more step towards wherever it is I am being led. Trusting my intuition as it always leads me to magical places…. in spite of the pre-nervous jitters! Wish I had a decent pair of runners…. haven’t needed them on the beach so just realized that might be an issue….”


The above paragraph was what I wrote on Facebook a few hours ago as I nervously waited to enter unknown territory of my first 5K and once, again, my concerns were silly!

Thanks to this angel, Barbara, who greeted me when the Uber driver dropped me off.  She took me under her wing, put me to work helping set things up and I knew I was going to be alright!

Many local communities in South Africa have a weekly 5K Parkrun – free and very well organized and attended.


At this one, Fish Hoek Parkrun, I met several 4 year olds who had been running a full 2K for over a year, a 10 year old who preferred to volunteer and hang out during the race at the playground and many others up into their seventies who value regular exercise out in nature and have been doing 5Ks for a long time.p2150874

Although I began the course at a slow run, before the second kilometer I had shifted to a brisk walk and Barbara suddenly appeared… we walked fast together as we chatted, already seeming like old friends. Her daughter also does energy healing so we had much to talk about.

The majority of the runners were way ahead of us, some completing their third or fourth kilometer before we finished the second and Barbara reminded me we were just out for fun and it was all perfect.  She sounded like me consoling a client, reminding them everything is perfect…it is ALL GOOD!

Today is a beautiful day and we were traversing through small paths in this sacred land surrounded by special hills with caves full of 100,000 year old artifacts.

p2150873-2When I first arrived in Cape Town in September, as the Sacred Sites Tour I had been on for a month came to an end, we hiked up to what is called Peer’s Cave.  This mountainous area is full of underground tunnel systems and fascinating structures which remind me of Peru, Mexico and Bosnia. I chose to stay in Cape Town to continue to explore these sites and be in this beautiful energy… whatever the purpose of my time here, I am well aware it will eventually be exposed.

Being able to run at the base of these mountains was spectacular and certainly nothing to have been scared about just because the labels ‘5K’ and ‘Run’ were attached.

Often in life we have unnecessary fears of silly things we put into our own heads as being uncomfortable or out of our range.  And, as we all know, these fears are usually just in our head and there is nothing to fear!

Had you told me just 8 short days agop2150882 or 18 years ago, I would run through the starting gate and race through the finish line of a mountain trail 5K, I would NEVER have believed you!  First of all, 18 years ago I weighed 300 pounds and was certainly in no physical shape to run anything… and 8 days ago it had been 5 years since “bone-on-bone” knees stopped the running I began after releasing over 100 pounds.

Everything is possible and when we face our fears head on and just do whatever scares us anyway – we can accomplish amazing things!

At the end of the fifth kilometer, Barbara and I picked up the pace and ran through the finish line… I am thrilled!   I did it and finished in well under an hour… nothing to brag about and I don’t care – I did it!  Another FIRST off my bucket list!

Is there something in YOUR head that scares you?  Are you fearful of a challenge? My suggestion – don’t take time to think about it – and as Nike says – JUST DO IT anyway! And remember, no matter what your current physical condition or belief system, YOU DESERVE RADIANT HEALTH – INSIDE OUT!

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Adele Good on What’s Below the Surface of Cape Town Waters?

p2150514Living by the ocean in Cape Town for the past month has been so exhilarating!

Lots of opportunities to experience new things including running barefoot on the  beach each morning and actually enJOYing the sensations of the wind and sand as my body seems to glide over the Earth.  Having not run since 2011, it has filled me with awe to be able to run so freely, with strong knees and lungs to support this perfect exercise in nature.  Such a win/win!

i have never lived this long by the beach – yes I have spent many vacations in the islands or coastlines, yet never with the knowingness of having committed to a place long term and feel no sense of urgency to skew my attitude – such as waking daily thinking I only have a few days left so must get out there early.  Instead, I do get out there very early most mornings as I wake refreshed as the first peep of sunlight shows itself around 5:00, then find myself on the beach around 6 to watch the sun fully rise over the glistening South Atlantic and take a walk or run at the magical place where the water meets the land.

p2150612These past few days have brought an interesting sight on the water as there is suddenly a naval ship moving around the bay morning and night.  A bit disconcerting, yet there is a naval station near by and as in San Diego, they do need to come in and out of the area to play.

What I have rarely seen peeping its top out of the water, reminding me of an alligator in the low country waterways in Charleston, was a submarine.  Yes, as many of you, I have paid a small fee to tour abandoned ones in harbors, yet this feels so different.  To see them moving around by the beaches on a regular basis is somewhat fascinating.

p2150592What are they seeing in these peaceful waters of Cape Town?  Surely they are doing reconnaissance work as they most likely are training officers and practicing strategic moves. And, I would love to be on board for a few hours to see what lives under all of the seaweed here in South Africa.  p2150313

The ocean here is either extremely calm or extremely rough – very little in between.  I imagine the life of a submarine pilot or engineer has some fascinating moments observing life under the ocean surface – whales and dolphins, huge fish hanging out by the many ship wrecks from the past century in this area, and maybe even a mermaid flips her tail once in a while to keep their attention.

As a scuba diver since 1974, I am feeing a but curious about what lies in this unique bay surrounded  by ancient sacred sites.   I am sure these submarine pilots have seen lots of interesting activity and maybe, in the months to come, I will figure out a way to be invited onboard and see for myself?  Or put on a double insulated wet suit (ugh, never fun to put on or take off) and explore the sea life under the seaweed beds from behind a mask…

Is it only me or do you too wonder what lies below our ocean waters?  Fascinating discoveries I am sure….

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Fanny Pack or Packet?

p2150640As I was out for my morning run this morning, (it feels totally awesome to be be able to say that again) this young South African woman, who I have observed swimming each morning in the chilly South Atlantic Ocean, was finishing her time on the beach picking up trash.  She inspired me to reconsider the purpose of my daily visit to this beautiful Cape Town beach.

In addition to my commitment of running barefoot on the sand, (as long as it is is fun) I will include a trash bag in my “packet.”  In the US we call this object a “fanny pack” yet that is not appropriate to say in some countries around the world, especially the UK, so I now call it a “waistpack” or as they say here in South Africa a “hip bag” or “packet.”

I realized in August, when I arrived in South Africa,p2150654 I had left my “packet” in Brazil so got to go through the process of finding one at a mall and had to carefully figure out what they called it here as many locals are of British decent.  I used monitored words and sign language to show the clerks I wanted a small bag which had a waist strap and sat on my hip to carry my camera when hiking.  I am a very picky shopper when I know exactly what I want, so when store after store did not have the perfect one for my camera, extra camera batteries, phone, water bottle, small wallet, etc….. I had to keep up the “perfect packet” hunt.  Sadly I had to settle for one which did not hold my water, yet I also have a small back pack with me which carries that, some fruit and nuts and extra camera when I am out all day exploring sacred sites of this spectacular land.

I apologize for this total diversion from what I began writing, as I could not resist that interesting point which has embarrassed me a number of times when shopping to replace one of my favorite items for hiking and exploring.

p2150571So back to my initial point – after my healthy run, I have begun a exercise routine of enJOYing a short meditation on the beach and sometimes read a bit of a small old book called “Pyramid Power.”  My new routine, after this morning, will be to end my time in the sand picking up non-organic rubbish, certainly left behind by accident and putting it in the trash bag from my “packet.”  🙂

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Barefoot and JOYful on Cape Town Beach

p2150358So fun to have developed a new passion at 60. I ran for a few years before 2011 and have started up again and LOVE it!

Jogging on the beach is so exhilarating… as my barefeet hit the sand I am taken back to a different lifetime – one of running for joy, feeling lighter, almost childlike and the thrill as my lungs breathe fresh air and my eyes shine for pure happy joy. In the past I only ran for exercise – having been told it was good for me so I forced myself to go to the gym or run on concrete near my home.

This is so different!

Being barefoot on sand is such a healthy process as the Earth’s electrical magnetic current can flow directly into our bodies and heal all kinds of things… and this is more than that. It is setting a goal to run a bit further each day, being consistent as long as it is fun (rained one day so of the past 5  so I took that day off) and enJOYing the time in nature.

This is so interesting – at my age I had never been told how much better running on the beach barefoot was – not even like exercise – feels more like a joyful experience of doing something special for myself!

If you are near a beach, don’t wait till you’re my age to have this beautiful experience – go out there and see for yourself and share your thoughts here…

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