Ultimate Travel

Entrepreneurs are generally hard working business people who watch expenses to increase the bottom line of their financial reports. They also tend to travel often and deserve to be rewarded by upgrades for these sometimes grueling trips.

After years of talking to other entrepreneurs who also travel often it always surprises me how much some of them don’t know about how simple it is to travel in luxury for less!

As a frequent traveller currently moving full time from continent to continent, I have learned a few things about the travelstyle I prefer.  Yes, I love to sit up front, enjoy the private clubs in airports and hotels as well as upgraded hotel rooms and rental cars for free or much less than what others pay for these luxuries.

Fortunately, anyone who travels often or internationally can also learn how to upgrade their travelstyle to include all of this.  While volunteering in Bosnia excavating the two largest pyramids on Earth, I took time to begin capturing this process and a book called Ultimate Travel for Entrepreneurs – Luxury for Less evolved.

This guide will help you assess your current travel style as well as show you how to reap the benefits offered by most companies in the travel industry.

I finalized most of it recently and am working with the publisher.  My hope is to do a pre-launch in early 2018.

If you don’t want to wait for this book to be published, you can set up a private session with me and I will coach you on how to get the most from your current travel dollars.

I have helped hundreds of travelers completely change the way they think about travel to upgrade their travel-style in airplanes, airports, hotels and car rentals.

I received a thank you from a client I helped receive Platinum Elite status on American Airlines on one round trip ticket to Europe. Platinum Elite level normally takes 75,000 miles within one year to reach, which is a lot of travel for anyone on one airline. Sharon Charlton who lives in Colorado wrote to tell me of her experience on her first flight as a Platinum member:

“…today I used my Platinum status for the first time and it was quite valuable. I am on my way to Durham to move my daughter into her college dorm on Tuesday. I had to bring 3 suitcases (one very large one) full of her dorm stuff with me from Telluride. My first flight originated out of Montrose. As a Platinum member I get two free bags but the nice lady said she wouldn’t charge me for the third bag. Had I been a regular customer I would have been charged for all 3 bags AND the big bag was over 80 pounds which isn’t allowed without a surcharge. She helped me take items from the large bag and fill in the two smaller bags reducing the weight to 70 pounds with no additional charge for the large bag. All of this from the small payment I made to American to reach Platinum from my trip to Europe, which has paid for itself today. I was also given primo seats on the flights! Thank you, Adele, for coaching me on how to make this happen so quickly! “

If you have an international trip coming up and would like to set up a coaching call to help turn that flight into an elite membership, let me know, preferably before you book your flight and I will help you make your travel dollars count to upgrade your future flights. I won’t book this for you, only guide you on how to do it so you receive all of the benefits possible.

One trip can make a huge difference for your next year or more of travel on that airline and the associated Alliance, as well as free miles to use for future flights.

Just like Sharon, I am Platinum Elite on American Airline (AA). AA is a member of the One World Alliance group, which includes other international airlines. My status on AA actually gets me all kinds of lovely benefits on these partner airlines, such as the private airport lounges while waiting for some flights, priority boarding, upgraded seats and many other privileges depending on the airline.

As I recently traveled from Brazil to London and then on to South Africa, I was able to take a shower in the Elemis Spa and have dinner in the British Airways Executive Club in London for free, just because of my status on American Airlines.

Thank you for your interest in Ultimate Travel for Entrepreneurs – Luxury for Less

I hope to inspire you to see the world a bit differently.

If you want to be notified of the book launch, set up a private coaching session or find out more about the Ultimate Travel Club, email Adele@AdeleGood.com.