My life has totally changed since Adele worked on me. I came to her in extreme pain with repetitive stress injuries from my job doing computer work. I felt some relief right away and after two more sessions and following the instructions she gave me, I had a huge reduction in pain! My life path has changed as well after her coaching. It is amazing how different everything is for me after working with Adele. I consider her a friend and mentor and cannot thank her enough for how much she has helped me. Bless you, Adele! You are indeed an Earth Angel.
-Sheri Berry – User Experience Architect

All Good Energy Healing was very helpful to me when I recently had a broken leg. Adele Good was very concerned and spent lots of time and TLC helping me to heal quicker. I was most appreciative!
-Dave Leiber, The Watchdog columnist for Dallas Morning News. Dave Lieber is one of America’s top storytelling experts. Professional speaker.

Adele is a spirit to be reckoned with—she’s a dynamic and inspirational speaker and motivational coach who helps other see possibilities. She coaches people to focus on what they want to attract in their lives and how they want to show up in the world. She’s a good example of someone living her dreams and inspires others to do the same. Whether you’re looking for a coach, speaker, or mentor, I would recommend Adele without reservation.
-Katherine Bock, Career coach who expands career possibilities for professionals wanting to live lives of purpose & passion!

Adele has a brilliant approach and needs to have her own television show!
-Jack Canfield, Santa Barbara, CA, Co-Creator Chicken Soup For the Soul book series

I’ve known Adele for many years as her coach and now friend. To say she is an awesome person is an understatement. Adele has transformed not only her own wealth, health and happiness…but the lives of others she has been in relationship with and that is true leadership. If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with Adele, embrace every moment and learn from her how to create your own ultimate life.

– Jim Bunch, San Diego, CA, Founder The Ultimate Game of Life, Career coach who expands career possibilities for professionals wanting to live lives of purpose & passion

I admire Adele’s determination in conquering her own health issues and her commitment to help others do the same.
– Nancy Harte, Dallas, Texas

As Adele LOST pounds she GAINED energy. She is an energy vortex! Everyone feels it!
– Dr. Kaye Moore, Dallas, TX

I love the holistic approach that Adele takes: She helps us focus on our Radiant Selves, knowing that our bodies are one aspect of that.
-Jennifer L., Northampton, MA

I am grateful Adele is a true health warrior. The world is served wonderfully with her insight to include such things as sleep, intention and meditation as key aspects of health.
-Diane Halfman, San Diego, CA

Your passion and energy come through so clearly and you are so inspiring. Your story is heartfelt and motivational to make the necessary changes to live a healthier life.
-Machen MacDonald, Grass Valley, CA, Business Coach