Fish Traps of Koh Lipe, Thailand

While on my adventure of living on five continents since 2014, I left Cape Town in April, 2017 to fly to Bangkok, arriving in SE Asia for my first trip this far East.   I joined some friends to explore Cambodia and attend an Ancient Archeology Conference in the Philippines. In May, I met up with some professional speaker friends on the “Together We Can Change the World Tour” to volunteer in Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand for several weeks.  Once my friends had all headed home, I stayed on in Northern Thailand, mainly living in Chaing Mai and Pai, with a bit of travel up north to Myanmar and the Golden Triangle at Laos.

After three months, I had to leave the country as my Visa was expiring.  So I flew from Chiang Mai to Hat Yai in the southern part of the country to either go straight to Malaysia or explore the south for a week before having to leave Thailand.  I was guided to Koh Lipe so took a 90 minute fast boat over the rough Strait of Malacca. Once on the island, I was so glad I had a week left on my Visa as it was such a lovely place to relax, snorkel and explore.

I was fascinated by the local men who made the Long Tail Boats and Fish Traps by hand. I found myself hanging around, watching them and soon realized I would be seeing a trap created from inception to completion so decided to make this video.

The Sea Gypsies of Koh Lipe, Thailand are so kind and full of JOY. These local people gave permission to be videoed and photographed as they worked for several days creating these strong Fish Traps of bamboo, cord and wire. It was fascinating to watch them make the ‘chain-link’ sides all around the bamboo frame on the island’s beautiful Sunset Beach.

You can see how much they seem to enJOY their work. The large trap being worked on in this video took about four days to complete. Once done, it was loaded onto a locally made Long Tail Boat in the evening to be taken out to sea early the next morning. A week or so later, a group of fishermen in several boats will pull up the trap, open the hinged door, dump the contents into one of the boats and return to Koh Lipe with between 100 to 150 kilograms of fresh fish to sell to the local restaurants and residents.

It was so wonderful to watch this ancient craft being passed on from generation to generation. Sadly, none of the men has access to the internet, so they probably won’t get to see this finished video to realize how much their craftsmanship is appreciated. They spoke a local dialect and only a small amount of English so much laughter and many smiles were exchanged as communication was attempted.  Koh Lipe is a fabulous island get-away at the southern tip of Thailand.

***Photographs and Video taken and compiled by Adele Good, Founder of All Good International.   Adele is a Professional Speaker (currently on sabbatical), Transformational Coach, does Energy Healing and loves Adventure Travel. She has been exploring ancient healing processes and hidden sites all over the world for decades. Adele left the USA in 2014 to travel full time and since then, has traveled and lived all over Europe, S. America, Mexico, S. Africa and SE Asia.   Questions – contact her at

Essential Oils – Essential to Good Health

Have you discovered the ancient secrets of essential oils yet?  Ever think about how refreshing peppermint makes you feel, how relaxing lavender can be or how eucalyptus quickly relieves congestion? Or, depending on your age and early oral health, the effects of pure clove oil your dentist used to dab on your gums to numb the area before shots of novocaine?

p2170124These are just a few essential oils you may have used while not realizing how powerful each can be in helping you attain and remain healthy… especially in their natural state, without added chemicals or fillers.

Big pharma began tapping into these natural oils years ago as they were usually the base for drugs and medications.  Now, sadly, along with the FDA, they are working to make it harder for us to get these essential oils in their undiluted form.  These pure oils can not be patented which is the foundation of the multi-billion dollar business of the chemical formulas these chemical companies patent and promote.

One of the ridiculous things going on will be the addition of an expiration date on pure essential oil bottles.  I say “ridiculous” as ancient oils found over the millennium are just as potent and healthy as those properly distilled today and have not expired.

I am sharing this information as I keep hearing the FDA is getting more involved in stopping those of us who believe there is a better way to be healthy.  Many of us, from the US have been brainwashed to believe drugs, radiation or surgeries are the only solutions to heal dis-ease and major health issues.

Having been raised in a family of four medical doctors, my father, an orthopedic surgeon and pioneer in hand surgery, who died in 1981, warned us what was coming in “modern” western medicine.  Sadly, he was very accurate in his predictions of the chemical industry.  As a young child, I remember him not allowing us to take over the counter or prescription medicine as he did not want those chemicals in our bodies.

In my forties, in spite of my father’s warnings, I was very ill and taking a growing list of strong prescriptions of which I would most likely still be on along with many more, had I not ‘woken’ up to the lessons he had drilled into us and taken my health into my own hands.

I reversed all of my health conditions, got off all of those meds and have not even taken an aspirin since 2006. Today, at sixty, I feel amazing and believe I am “youthing” instead of aging.

Once my path took a different twist from traditional western medicine, I began my work with Shamans, indigenous cultures and exploring ancient untapped lands for healthier options.

Since leaving the US in 2014, I have traveled full time, searching for answers to natural health among hundreds of ancient sites all over Europe, South America, Mexico, and now South Africa.

One simple lesson, while hiking the Inca trails in the Sacred Valley was when my Peruvian guide crushed fresh peppermint into my hands.  He told me to breathe it as it opened my tight lungs and helped significantly during a strenuous hike in the high altitude. This plant was all over the ancient Inca trails, there to aid the Inca runners as they traversed the mountains of the Sacred Valley.

Since most of us can’t carry plants around with us, Essential Oils, along with a healthy diet, exercise and positive mindset are a great option.

p2170121Without creating alarm of what I see coming, I want to encourage you to go onto and while it is still available, order a book I believe you will find invaluable. This is the only book I carry with me from continent to continent…the Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition, is the most recent printing.  My copy is very worn and all highlighted as I use it for minor and more significant health issue for myself and clients as it covers healthy alternatives using Essential Oils for most dis-eases and health conditions…naturally returning the body to radiant health inside out.  I suggest you read it cover to cover, highlighting as you go and deciding if you might be able to reverse some of your own ailments.

This book is a great introductory and advanced guide to learn the history of Essential Oils as well as how they can benefit you, your family and even your pets.

It was from reading this book, I learned to be cautious of over the counter oils, even if sold in health food stores, as they can be deceptive.  One simple example is regarding popular Lavender Oil.  Unfortunately, there is a lavender oil “hybrid called lavandin, grown and distilled throughout the world.  Lavandin is often heated to evaporate the camphor, mixed with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve the fragrance, and then sold as lavender oil.”   This is NOT a healthy form of “Lavender Oil” and can have a negative effect on the body, especially burns as lavandin might actually make them worse whereas pure Lavender Oil is known to quickly improve burns.

I have tried various brands of Essential Oils and believe Young Living is the best source.  There are other companies producing high quality oils, yet after working directly with Gary Young, founder of Young Living, many years ago, I trust his integrity, research and long term commitment of quality Essential Oils.

This little pouch has been my only p2170126“medicine kit” since 2011, traveling around the world with me and providing help to so many others I have met along my journey. It contains many of my favorite oils and although I have recently been called to add more essential oils to my collection, these were sufficient to help many with tooth aches, sleep issues, repel insects, indigestion, insect bites, scrapes, headaches, stress, minor bone breaks, colds, muscular discomfort and respiratory issues.  One oil even deterred mice when I lived in the French countryside and had little critters finding their way into my kitchen. Yes….versatile and fascinating!

I recently heard of some major medical centers ‘testing’ Essential Oils among their patients, which to me is very frightening, as I have no doubt the chemical companies are behind this activity and the long term outcome will not benefit anyone except big pharma.

If you have any questions about Essential Oils, want to learn more about Young Living or would like to share some of your success stories, please comment to this post.

All Good Healthy Tip as Adele Good Shares Gazpacho Recipe for AT&T

All Good Healthy Tip – Adele Good shares when AT&T bright her in to do a Health Series for their executives in the corporate offices in Dallas. She also worked with the head dining room chef and they prepared her Skinny Gazpacho Recipe to serve as part of the luncheon during one of her talks. Adele later received the Dallas International Corporate Office Women of AT&T 2013 RAVE Recognition Award for Value & Excellence Vendor of the Year Award.

Here is her delicious recipe for All Good Skinny Gazpacho

2 cups Campari Tomatoes
1 cup Cucumber, peeled (if desired) and cut in quarters
3/4 cup Roasted Red Pepper
1/3 cup Celery
1/ 4 cup Scallions or chives
3 tbsp. Cilantro
1 tbsp. Balsamic or Sherry Vinegar
1 tbsp. fresh Lemon Juice
1/4 tsp. Sea Salt
1/4 tsp. Black Pepper
1 avocado, peeled, pitted and chopped for garnish

In a blender, add tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, celery, scallions, cilantro, vinegar,
lemon juice, salt and pepper. Blend until reaches desired consistency.
Chill, covered, in refrigerator for at least 1 hour or overnight to let flavors meld. Serve
with chopped avocado on top. Serves 4.