VIP Journey

Join Adele on her travels around the world for an amazing personalized All Good VIP Transformational Journey.  You will work together to design two to fourteen days all about YOU in a customized program to benefit you on every level.

These private events are totally customized for individual clients (or a few friends) to reach ultimate healing and happiness.

As a participant you will join Adele in a beautiful part of the world to:
* work one-on-one with All Good Energy Healing to heal all discomforts, increase mobility, heal chronic conditions and transform overall well being
* be Activated to do this healing process on yourself, family, friends, pets, or clients
* take the Passion Test to discover and create a plan for what you are truly passionate about doing for the rest of your life
* work on Scripting and Vision Pages to create your ultimate life and dreams
* be privately coached regarding your health and happiness

If you desire coaching to upgrade your Travelstyle or completely shift your life to travel more or do something you have been dreaming about, Adele will help you design a plan to simplify and expedite this process.

You will be met at the agreed airport by Adele for this inclusive customized VIP Transformational Journey.  Land transportation, meals, hotel accommodations and everything mentioned (other than airfare) will be included in this guided experience!

Adele will begin healing (if desired) and travel assistance before flights are booked to help you reach Elite Status on your chosen airline (or alliance partner airlines).

These VIP Journeys will be in the beautiful surroundings of the amazing country you arrange, which will also be full of ancient sacred sites. Depending on your chosen location, you will visit waterfalls, hot springs, energetic sites and special hidden places usually off the tourist path. This customized program is guaranteed to shift you into a new way of living life full out!

Email for more details and to check dates as she only hosts a few of these journeys a year. If you desire to stay longer or travel beyond, Adele will help you with these arrangements.