About Adele

All Good International, LLC was formed years ago as the parent company for the other ventures I was creating.  It is so funny, as I hoped the name would support my desires to travel full time yet had no idea how accurate that vision would become!

After being raised in a family of four generations of medical doctors, I chose to follow a different healing path. I spent years studying natural healing all over the world and evolving my practice into what has become All Good Energy Flow Technique™.  Since discovering how to be naturally healthy, I was able to reverse my horrible health issues of asthma, diabetes, depression, thyroid issues and knee pain as I naturally released over 100 pounds. I also got off all my medications and have not even taken an aspirin since 2006.  I have totally transformed my own unhealthy body, become a professional speaker, health coach, and author while sharing my expertise on and off the stage.

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Adele in the Great Temple of Osiris, Egypt 2010

After spending time exploring the Amazon Jungle, as well as the pyramid chambers and vortexes in Egypt, Bosnia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, England, Isle of Man, France, the Caribbean, Mexico and all over the US & Canada, I discovered that there is much more to energy healing than most people realize. My own healing activation was extremely heightened after exploring the labyrinth of tunnels, pyramids and temples in Egypt and Bosnia. One of my missions is to bring this energy healing to others around the world.

In 2014 I sold, gave away or donated almost all of my earthly possessions, keeping only some boxes of photos, books and memories in a small, closet size storage unit. I got rid of my condo, convertible and said farewell to my family and friends to move to Bosnia for the summer. I continued from there to travel all over Europe, visiting Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Istanbul and Sicily. A year later I headed to Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and spent over a year in Brazil then headed to South Africa and eventually Asia, where I explored ancient sites in Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo.  After a few months in the US, I returned to Brazil and Bosnia, then suddenly found my self in   Montenegro. Yes, it has been an amazing journey in which I have never looked back! From Europe I returned to Brazil again, spent a month living on the Island of the Moon in the Bolivian part of Lake Titicaca and anther month exploring sites in the Bolivian Andes.  I flew to the US to spend a month with my mother who turned 96, then back to Peru and Brazil and back to Peru to guide clients in the Sacred Valley.  I chose to stay here for the unexpected Global Pause which closed most South American borders and gave us time to re-evaluate life and our purpose here.

Las Vegas in 2017

I have been blessed to have the opportunities to speak from the stage in France, Bosnia, South Africa, Brazil, several cities in Thailand, Canada and all over the US sharing my knowledge of obtaining and maintaining radiant health.

Adele with sons Chandler, & Collin
Adele with sons Chandler, & Collin

As a working mom with two grown sons, the opportunities and resources always showed up to support me on these journeys. I believe this is what happens when we live in flow and trust the Universe to allow us to move into our purpose.

Most of my All Good Energy Flow Technique™  work is done remotely, so helping clients worldwide is a perfect ‘job’ for me – although I never feel assisting someone to release pain or conditions labeled by the medical industry is work!  I love to share my gifts and talents as I see the world changing…

I have been professionally trained in many healing modalities. After thousands of hours of study, course work and classes my certifications and background include:

  • Reconnective Healing®,  USA
  • Practitioner of The Reconnection ™,  USA
  • Munaki Rites, PERU
  • Global Sisterhood Circle Initiation, USA
  • Health Coach Training® Certification, USA
  • Morter Health System Certification of Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique, Elite Diplomat, USA
  • Panthera Animal Communication Certification, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Morter Animal Mastery, Elite Diplomat, USA
  • Pachamama Alliance Awaken the Dreamer, Symposium Facilitator, USA and ECUADOR
  • Together We Can Change the World Volunteer, SE ASIA
  • Bosnian Pyramid Volunteer and Ambassador, BOSNIA
  • Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing – Body Mirror System of Healing and Self-Knowledge, USA (out of Norway)
  • Lumina Spark Assessment Practitioner, USA and BRAZIL
  • Certified Passion Test™ Facilitator, USA
  • Psychosomatic Therapy from the Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis & Psychosomatic Therapy, USA (out of Australia)
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques™, USA
  • Kryon Events Participant, USA, HUNGARY, ITALY, TURKEY, PERU
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Adele with Ultimate Game of Life Player of the Year Award

I am the recipient of the Women of AT&T 2014 R.A.V.E. Award – Vendor of the Year for the Recognition Award for Value and Excellence for a series of Radiant Health programs I presented to the corporate offices.

I also received the international Ultimate Game of Life 2010 Player of the Year Award, for my own transformation and inspiring others into their own greatness.

I am a member of the Global Speakers Federation, National Speakers Association and the Global Stewardship Council of the Pachamama Alliance and was on the Executive Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association of North Texas for several years. I am the founder of The J.O.Y. Codes – The Journey of YOU.

I enjoy global travel, adventure and photography.  All of the photos on this website are from my personal journeys around the world.